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The mother of all sofas.

Everything you’re looking for in a sofa, at a smart price.

Everything you’re looking for in a sofa, at a smart price.


Almost impossible to stain, even against red wine & coffee


Actively kills 99.9% of bacteria


The most comfortable sofa you’ve ever sat on, or we’ll take it back


Cushion fill free from allergens that cause unwanted reactions


Made from sustainably-sourced, recycled materials

Made in California

Crafted in our LA factory, delivered directly to your door


A well-balanced look that’s perfect for any style room

Soft, but durable fabric

Velvet touch that stands up to wear and tear

Lifetime Guarantee

Built with a solid, hardwood frame and American craftsmanship

3 Cushion Sofa

FREE DELIVERY, Ships in 2 weeks



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32”H x 99”W x 40”D
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Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa
Perfect Sofa

Timeless Design

A perfectly balanced design that looks great in any style home

Don’t rework your entire living area to match your sofa. The Perfect Sofa was made with every style in mind, so it brings the whole room together and serves as a focal point for both design and comfort.

Perfect Sofa Front View
Perfect Sofa Side View
Perfect Sofa Side View
Perfect Sofa Back View

Antimicrobial Fabric

Actively kills 99.9% of bacteria that builds up on traditional fabric

You wash your bed sheets all the time, but what about your sofa?

Sofas don’t fit into washing machines, so we built the fabric to stand up to bacteria and germs out-of-the-box.

How does it work?

We treat our fabric with non-leaching and environmentally safe Zinc pyrithione, a skin-safe ingredient found in many shampoos, because of its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. The treatment does not affect the soft hand of the fabric and has been tested to reduce bacteria by >99.9%, giving you one more reason to love your sofa.

Dog on Sofa Dog on Sofa

Relief From Allergens

Hypoallergenic fill

Get all the comfort of down cushion fill, but without the pesky allergic reactions caused by feathers.

Our vegan, 100% recycled cushion fill is not only a comfortable alternative to down feathers, but it's designed to bounce back and maintain its shape for even longer.

Durable hardwood and American craftsmanship

Built To Last Longer

A combination of durable hardwood and American craftsmanship

Enjoy your sofa for years to come. The strong, but soft fabric rests upon a durable, long-lasting hardwood frame. Every aspect of your Perfect Sofa was built to withstand breaks and tears.

Longer lasting foam fill

Longer lasting foam fill The look and feel of an expensive feather and down filling, but it bounces back so it maintains its shape so your cushions look good after years and years of enjoyment.

Solid wood

Only solid wood Our frame is made of 100% solid hardwood. We use sustainably-sourced alder wood and never use MDF or particleboard. This creates a strong, rigid frame that will last for years.

Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime guarantee We’re so confident in the construction, we guarantee it for life. If you ever have any issues, simply let us know and we’ll replace it.

Unmatched Comfort

The most comfortable sofa you’ve ever sat on, or we’ll take it back

We’re so confident that you’ll love the feel & comfort of your new sofa that we want you to try it in your home, risk-free, for 101 days. If you don’t love, we’ll take it back. It’s that simple.

You go here Perfect Sofa You go here Perfect Sofa
Ergonomic pitch

Ergonomic pitch for all heights Our sofa is designed to be generously deep, but not so deep you need pillows. Feel like you’re leaning back but not laying down.

Fewer Pressure

Fewer pressure points Our heavy-gauge steel springs are hand-tied together so the suspension moves as one and creates fewer pressure points in your body.

Better than down feathers

Better than down feathers Our 100% recycled fill has the feel of an expensive feather and down at a lower cost. It also bounces back to maintain its support and looks great after years of enjoyment.

Stain-Proof Fabric

Almost impossible to stain, even with red wine or coffee

Relax with a drink on your sofa without fear of ugly stains or discoloration. In the case of a spill or an accident, simply wipe it up with a towel and get back to relaxation.

Want to see for yourself? Request a free sample of our antimicrobial, stain-proof fabric and see for yourself.

Feel It For Yourself

Get two free fabric samples
mailed to your door.

The Perfect Sofa is fitted with an absolutely luxurious plush upholstery fabric. This fabric is a durable short-pile velvet with and incredible texture and feel.

You’ll get two colors sent to your home:

  • Buckwheat


  • Otter



Made In The Usa

Delivered from our LA factory to your doorstep, for free, in just 4-6 weeks

  • Enjoy superior American craftsmanship
  • Support your local economy
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